Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Boys Will be Boys!

David heard on the radio that monster trucks were coming to Lubbock. I have always said no to this, because they are usually inside at the coliseum, and I knew it would be too loud. Will is 2, and doesn't listen to me about half the time, so I didn't need him to have loss of hearing as a valid reason for this. This one was going to be outside at a local race track, so we decided to go with the Rogers. Both boys had a great time, and enjoyed it far more than the parents did!

Lake AGAIN!!!

Will has become our little lake rat! He will actually ask to go. I think his favorite part is swimming and snacks on the boat! As soon as daddy starts getting things ready for the lake, Will is right there wanting to help!

I don't think he is quite ready, but it doesn't hurt to practice!

We went to the lake one weekend with all of the people from David's work, including the Rogers - and Will's best friend, Brant. Everyone had a great time!

Especially Will and Brant! They loved snacks on the back of the boat.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July

Will came home from "school" on Thursday ready for the 4th of July weekend. He had made a flag and a hat and couldn't wait to use both!

We stopped by Nanny's house to help her with her computer:

And then we were off to Snyder for the festivities. We didn't make it in time for the parade, but did enjoy the carnival, food and swimming at Uncle Larry and Aunt Carla's house!

Will took a nap and then was ready to go to the Kuhl's house for food and fun. This is where his Uncle Chad taught him all he needed to know about water guns! (isn't that what uncles are for?)

We watched fireworks and did a few of our own. It was a late night but worth it! The next morning we woke up to pouring rain. We sat around in our pajamas drinking coffee and visiting. It was a perfect morning!!!

My Mom a.k.a Nanny

Will LOVES his Nanny and his Nanny loves him. Mom had a shoulder-replacement surgery in mid June and is recovering extremely well. She is hating that she has to be in a sling for 6 weeks, and that means no holding Will. So far, Will has understood this and hasn't thrown too big a fit about Nanny not holding him. We went to check on her at home, and Will took his doctor's kit so that he could take care of her!

Checking her temperature -- yes, under the arm....that's where they check his!!!

And even though Nanny was just fine, Will felt that a shot was needed!

Jake and Temi's Wedding

In mid-June we were off to Abilene for Jake and Temi's wedding. We had a great time with all of our family. My brother, Lesley and his wife got to meet us there. Temi and Jake are THE perfect couple....so sweet, sincere, and TOTALLY in love!

And while these 2 cousins look really sweet right now, I feel like one day, they will be double trouble!!!!

But for now, I will enjoy the sweet, loving little 2 year old boy that he is (most of the time):

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ready for the Lake!!!

Lake weather is finally here! We have taken the boat out only a couple of times and Will loves it. We went again this past weekend and the water was warmer (not warm). Will actually got in the water and played. I did not think it would happen. I will post those pictures later. But, for now, here are the pictures of our first "real" boat outing when we could actually wear shorts!

First - a nap!

Will woke up and immediately said, "I drive the boat!" So, he did -- just barely awake enough to do it!
And, 4 hours later - relaxing in the sun with Momma. (we had just done a diaper change and he was free of his life jacket for only about 5 minutes, and we were anchored in a cove - please cancel the calls to CPS)


I don't know what makes them show up, but they definitely have at our house! Will loves them, and is fascinated by them! He goes out in the backyard everyday looking for them. He thinks they should be there all the time like the dogs are!